Vacancy – Jr Officer / AB

Vacancy-Merchant Shipping

Sumber :


Junior Officer: 1 Slot

1) Hold valid CoC (Officer in Charge of Engineering Watch of 750kW or more Unlimited Trade Voyages) and page 6 must have stamp endorsed valid BOCTT.
2) Tanker certificate: BOCTT and Advance Oil Tanker (If any)
3) STCW Cert: BT, MFA, Medical On Board Ship, AFF, PSCRB, BRM, DSD or SSO (If any)
4) Contract period 9 months with no shore leave
5) The wages for Junior Officer is SGD 1800

Able Seaman : 3 Slot

1) Hold valid COP – Watchkeeping Rating For Deck Booklet (Reg: II/4) or Able Seafarer Deck Booklet (Reg: II/5) with page 6 stamp endorsed valid BOCTT
2) Tanker certificate: BOCTT
3) STCW Certificates: BT and DSD
4) Contract period for 9 months with no shore leave
5) Able Seaman must also willing to take Cook duties? Cook duties is rotation.

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